Who do we serve ?

Anyone needing care for their elderly friends, families or relatives living in India can reach out to us for help. The breadth of our customer base ranges from young NRIs living in USA to working families in India separated from their parents. Our on-the-ground local team in India is available on-demand to deliver services to elders.

Where are your services available today?

For all on-demand services, we have our operations in Delhi/ NCR and adjoining cities. We are quickly expanding our base to other regions. For all other non-emergency requests, please reach out to us and we can find a way to help you.

Do you provide custom services/ special request services for seniors?

Yes, we provide customized services based on you/ your family’s unique needs. Let us know what kind of care you require and we can design a service program that best fits your needs.

Do you provide services only for seniors? How do you define a “senior age-group”?

Yes, our main focus and specialization is elderly care. We usually cater to people above the age of 50 years. However, depending on the situation, we may be able to help other age groups. Contact us to check on how we can help.

Do you provide nursing or physician services?

We do not directly provide nursing services, but can help to connect you with a relevant service provider. Our healthcare services can help with all aspects of receiving physician or nurse services, including scheduling and accompanying to appointments, filling out prescriptions and regular check-ins. Check out our healthcare services here

Can I subscribe to Get Care Of for visiting my parents for a set number of times per month?

Yes, we can curate a program for your service needs and allow paying for it as a subscription. To discuss further on this, please contact us

Do you provide help with new passports or renewals?

Yes, we do provide help with passport services or any other documentation needs that parents might have.

Who are your service providers? How do you make sure that people you are hiring are authentic?

We understand that trust, reliability and security are top of my mind for our customers and their elderly parents. We do not take this lightly. Our full-time service providers have been hired through recommendations from families and friends. Besides having elderly care experience and strong referrals, they also go through rigorous background checks. Details can be shared upon request.

Service Delivery Process

Does Get Care Of provide any guarantee on the quality of care?

We ensure that care is personalized and of the best quality. Our promise on quality is our guarantee. If for any reason our customers and care recipients are dissatisfied with the service, we can happily refund the payment. But most importantly, we would love to hear your feedback on what we can do better.

Does Get Care Of provide service delivery updates?

If requested, we can provide frequent service delivery updates via text messages and pictures. But please know that focusing on care delivery, especially for elderly, is most important. Hence any real-time update that diverges from this focus is not always feasible.

How much advance notice do I need to give you to request a service?

Our staff is equipped to provide on-demand services in most situations. For services that require more planning (example - traveling to another city, passport renewals, scheduling appointments etc.), we request that you provide at least a week’s advance notice.

Pricing and Payments

Is there a charge for waiting?

We charge our services from the time person arrives at your house to the time he/she leaves.

How does Get Care Of estimate the total charges for a given service?

We provide you an estimated bill to you for approval before rendering the services. This bill includes the estimated time that the Get Care Of representative will spend in providing the requested services. It also includes the estimated cost of any actual expenses like taxi charges, documents charge/ fees, medication fees etc. related to the service requested. In the final bill, we charge the actual time spent by our representative while providing the service and actual expenses incurred for the provision of the service (scan copy of original bills are provided to you). The exchange rate used in the calculation of the final fee is the rate published on RBI website on nth date of final bill.

Do I get a receipt?

Yes. We provide you a scanned copy of all the actual expenses that are incurred while providing the service requested.

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