Care @ Work

A in-home service to help your loved ones stay healthy, active, happy and connected.

Assisted Travel Care

Each travel engagement is customized and we notify via email along with a photograph.

  • Assistance for Outbound Travel

    • Travel to and from domestic or international airports

    • Travel to and from railway or bus station

  • Assistance for In-Town Travel

    • Visiting Friends and Family

    • Local events, Ceremony

    • Bank, Post office or any other govt office

  • Assistance for Logistics

    • Pack and arrange luggage

    • Arrange tickets, coolie, platform tickets

    • Help in Boarding Train or bus

    • Maintain a checklist for elders during travel: Medication, Glasses, I.D Card, Tickets, Passport, Visa, Water, Snacks, Fresh fruits and any other travel needs

    • Packing as per international baggage rules for international travels

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